Andreas van der Schaaf
TV Presenter , Host & Commentator

Andreas VanderSchaaf started in the early 80's with a live game show called 'Teleriddle' on saturday night for TROS TV in The Netherlands ('Teleraadsel'). It was one of the very first Interactive TV-games in Europe.

In the earky 90's followed by an international TV series called : "First Class Around The World" (in English) which he also co-produced & directed.

These series were broadcast by RTL (The Netherlands) NBC (NBC Superchannel) in over 60 Countries (Europe & Middle East) on Wharf Cable Tv Hong Kong & NHK Japan.He became the first Dutch TV-presenter who had his own show running internationally.

Followed by a very popular RTL 4 series (1998) "Vrouwen van 't Gooi" based on the idea behind "Hollywood Wives"

He commentated for RTL, The series 'The Stongest Man' (Sterkste man van Nederland)produced by Endemol

In early 2000 he started hosting a show called:'Van Huis Uit' (Home Made)for BVN

In 2003 Followed by a popular series called : 'Koken zonder Grenzen' ('Cooking without Borders') a unique cooking hsow concept together with the late Chef Cas Spijkers.

Also from 2003 onwards he produced,directed & presented CNN World Report

In that same period he started (until today) with a TV & Internet series 'De Dag van Andreas' /'The Day of Andreas' aswell as making special productions in the 'First Class Around The World' theme aswell as 'Life Style & Exclusive Sports.


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