Andreas van der Schaaf
Specials, Video presentations, Infommercials past 25years

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Philips International Telecom & Data Systems : "Corporate"
Koni : shock absorbers, (5 languages, 11 countries)
Fiat Uno : (introduction, marketing & advertising)
PDM :"Philips Dupont Magnetics" (Nat. Video Quiz with Vanessa & Andreas)
Candid Camera video special on a blanc tape.
PDM International : on Cycling, Boxing, Mexico'86(Soccer),Olympic Games Los Angeles & Italia '90(Soccer)
VidFilms :(Video Distribution Cy. /trailers & promo)
Grundig: Rai specials
Mobil Oil :(infomercial)
Praxis :(Corporate, chain stores home appl.)
Bijenkorf :(Dutch Grand Gen.Store)
ITT :(introduction of the digital era)
Apple : (infomercial Apple Headquarters Europe)
Telecom '87 : (Philips, Geneve)
Philips Telecom Corporate :(Singapore & Far East Gen.)
Unibind :(News Cast on office
JTAG: (Joint Test Action Group, USA Nationwide Cable TV .7 min)
Unigro vs Schuitema :(Courtroom video, info on retail)
PC Dimensions: Corporate on Philips Data Systems
Limburg has it all! :(promo on Dutch Province)
A day around the King of Sports : (cricket, Eng.version)
Golf-video news Anderstein : (Golf club special)
Philips Marco Comedy News : (Intl. p.e.Germany/USA/Ned)
Philips Licensed to Sell! : (007 in Philips at Home project, Intl.)
Henkel News : (Detergent Cy)
VNG : (Special for Ass. of Dutch Cities & Townships)
BOVAG "The Way 2000" : (infomercial on the future of traffic in the Netherlands)
European Business Weekly ('89-'90) : Intl.TV series on Italian Industry ; design, telecommunication, aviation, space, science, steel & ship industry.
Tourism Troffee '90. : 6 programs  for TROS TV: cultural-historical gemstones of Holland. (Euro Year of Tourism)
Hello Europe this is Holland ! : (TROS TV'90)/Intl.
The Garden of Twente : tourism state promo
BOVAG : (Automobile Dealers Ass.) The year of the customer.
Onderlinge Hulp : funeral insurances, Infomercial
Carmen : Clairol) Infomercial
Rai-BOVAG-Innovam : "The car of the future"('92)
Philips Communication Systems "Customer  First" (7 languages, 22 countries, "worldwide",'92)
"Socrates" : (EC-project) Philips Telecom.Syst. on the World Expo in Seville.
(English and Spanish versions, '92)
Brand Beer Brewery ; "Brand, the beer Limburg is proud of”, corporate infomercial. ('92-'93-'94-'95)
First Class Around The World ; travel entertainment series on NBC Superch.
received in 55 countries (pan Europe) ('94-'95- May/July '96)
Wharf Cable TV, Hong Kong (sept.'96)
Konmar Superstores;
-Konmar becomes Konmar Superstore (corporate on supermarkets) ('95)
-The Choice ! corporate p.r. ('95)
-Cash & Gifts Promotion ('95), instructional.
-Corporate Intl.('96) - Felicitas project ('96)
-The Leak ! ('96-'97)
Eastnet (Oostnet) ('96)  :
-Two public transport systems join together (GVM & TET = Oostnet)
Mozart & Friends : PBS TV USA, nationwide; Berdien Stenberg classical lady
flute player in one hour special (Vienna & Salzburg) ('96-'97)
Kawasaki : infomercial "crossing" ('96-'97) infomercial "racing" ('97)
Konmar : The new corporate ('98)
Vomar : "The Client" - "It's a pleasure.." ('98)
Intergro: Video special on introduction of new membership card ('98)
Coronel Carting: Into the Q-Zone! (Instruction '99)                       (continues on next page)
Intergro: Celebration promo Villa Belvedere, Studio 21 ( ’00)
Horphag Research: Pycnogenol, nature’s antioxidant (promo worldwide ‘00)
Miracle Planet, Europe’s biggest entertainment boulevard! (promo, Dutch German ’00)
Mmore Intl. : Past,presence,future (intl promo, engl. CD-DVD market ‘00)
Vomar: Supermarkets ,“Everything for you” (training ’00)
Vomar: Oh No ! (Instruction-training) (’01)
Bayer-Mmore Partners in Quality& Innovation, Cebit 2001
12Move, Internet service provider; "The First Class Channel" ('01- )
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